Growing Poppy Seeds – How to Fill Your Garden with Color

Papaver somniferum - Hot Pink
If you’re looking for a way to fill your garden with color then utilizing poppy seeds is a great way to do so. It can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you get new flower blooms all year round. Often gardeners have an explosive month of color which then fades to green with little else occurring for the rest of the year. However, if you want to enjoy a group of plants which will continue to burst with blooms throughout the gardening season then poppies are your ideal specimens.

Creating a seasonally changing garden which remains full of blooms often takes a lot of careful planning. If you only visit the garden center once a year you’ll probably have a garden that bursts into life for just one or two months and then fades. This is because the beautiful blooms on the shop shelves are soon in your basket and on their way back to your garden. However, all of these plants will no doubt flower at the same time and so you may end up with months of lush greenery but little else in your garden. Of course, there are many ways to solve this and careful planning of different plant species will ensure flower continuation throughout the year. But, if you don’t want to sit down and carefully negotiate the seasons and what to plant when, using poppy seeds is a fantastic alternative.

Meconopsis Hensol Violet

Poppies are generally very profuse in their flowering capabilities and once you’ve put these gorgeous plants into your garden they’ll continue to offer a radiant display all year. There are also many different types so whatever your garden setting and aspect there is a poppy ideal for you. If you want a quick fix and species’ of plants which will grow incredible quickly then choosing annual poppies is the best idea. There are many different varieties and you’ll find that a mix of different family groups will work well. Papaver somniferum seeds are brilliant for adding some height to borders and with their versatile nature you can use them in almost any aspect of garden border and flowerbed. California poppies meanwhile can be used in pots, containers and on the edges of borders and offer some of the most vibrant blooms you can get. Planting them in huge groups will create a stunning sea of color, and by utilizing both Papaver somniferum seeds and California poppy seeds you can also add a touch of cohesion and design to any planting scheme.

If you’re looking beyond the first year you can also include a great range of perennial poppies in your garden which add to your annual poppy favorites. Oriental poppy seeds will bring you large blousy blooms in the spring which will continually surprise you with their beauty each time you see them. Meanwhile, for bringing rare and fantastic life to shady areas using the stunning Meconopsis will wow all visitors.

It can be difficult to create a garden which always has a multitude of flowers to lift your mood and create a stunning visual tapestry of color. But, if you want an easy solution, then growing poppy seeds will ensure seasonal beauty for many months.

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